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PROJETO EUROPEU Erasmus+ que decorrerá na Escola Secundária Fernão Mendes Pinto, entre 2014 e 2016, tem como enfoque a prevenção do abandono escolar precoce. Um problema comum na Europa que carece de investigação e práticas inovadoras que se revelem eficazes.

segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2015

We Need Schools... Not Factories by Sugata Mitra Winner of the TED Prize 2013

In a special edition of TEDWeekends, TED and The Huffington Post are partnering to co-premiere a talk by this year's TED Prize winner. The TEDTalk by the winner is accompanied by an original blog post, along with new op-eds, thoughts and responses from the HuffPost and TED communities. Watch the talk above, read the blog post and tell us your thoughts below. Become part of the conversation!

The Sole Of A Student

From Plato to Aurobindo, from Vygotsky to Montessori, centuries of educational thinking have vigorously debated a central pedagogical question: How do we spark creativity, curiosity, and wonder in children? But those who philosophized pre-Google were prevented from wondering just how the Internet might influence the contemporary answer to this age-old question. Today, we can and must; a generation that has not known a world without vast global and online connectivity demands it of us.

Watch the video conference

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